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How To Disable a Google Account After Saving Important Data?

The procedure to deactivate a Google account is straightforward. Users can download the important details or data before deleting the account. You should know that when you delete a Google account, everything linked with that account is deleted as well. 

This includes your Gmail emails, your bookmarked locations in Maps, and your files in Drive. Google teaches you how do you delete Google account. By following detailed strategies users can delete their Google account easily. 

In this article, we will talk about how to remove account in Google and save your data before taking this action.

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Downloading Your Data:

Before you deactivate Google account it is necessary to download your important data at first. Here are different steps that help you to download your data before deleting your Google account:

Data and Privacy:

Find and click on “Data and privacy” on the page that you use to access your Google account. All of the information that Google has on you is displayed here.

Download Your Data:

  • From the bottom, select the “Download your data” option.
  • Make a selection of the data that you wish to download. Including everything from browsing history to images, videos, and events on the calendar, it covers everything. If you delete your account, this will provide you with a decent indication of what will be removed from your account.

Use the Checkboxes:

By utilizing the checkboxes, you can select the data that you want. You have the ability to select everything, particular categories, or even particular parts of particular categories altogether.

Next Step:

You can choose to receive the download by clicking the “Next step” button, and then selecting either the email link or the direct upload to a cloud storage account.

It will take two days for you to receive your download. It depends on the amount of data that you have available. Before deleting your account, you should make certain that you are able to access it and that you have a backup of it. 

Deleting Your Google Account:

Once you have downloaded all your important data, now it is time how to remove account in Google if you don’t want to use it.

You may be confused about the procedure of how to disable a Google account then you can simply delete the components of your Google account that you do not wish to have. 

For example, you can delete YouTube while maintaining your Gmail account. When compared to deleting your entire account, this is a less serious option.

On your official Google account page you will see “Data and privacy” in the settings. Here, you can select the “Delete a Google Service” which will delete the Google service rather than your account.

If you wish to get rid of a service, such as YouTube, you can do so by clicking the trash can icon that is located next to the service. There will be a reminder from Google that you need to download your data once again, but you have already done that! After a few confirmation screens, you will be finished!

Are you prepared to delete everything from your Google account in an irreversible manner? Here, you must know how to delete Google account. 

  • On the page on data and privacy, select “Delete your Google account” and click on it. 
  • If you want to make things more easy for you, then Google will provide you with a easy breakdown of the items that are deleted, even displaying small previews (such as thumbnails of images).

Just make sure that the Gmail address that is associated with this account is not being used as a login or recovery email for any other accounts. If you delete it, you will no longer have access to that particular Gmail inbox which may make it more difficult for you to access other accounts.

In order to permanently delete everything, you will need to click “Delete account” one final time. You must have a few seconds to reconsider your decision.

How Do You Delete Google Account?

Scroll to “Your data & privacy options.”

Scrolling to “Your data & privacy options” indicates you’re likely in the process of managing your Google account settings. This section provides various options related to your data and privacy within Google services. You might be:

  • Reviewing your data: Before deactivating Google account, you must be interested in seeing what information Google stores about you, such as browsing history, saved locations, or files in Google Drive.
  • Downloading your data: This section might be where you initiate downloading a copy of your Google data before permanently deleting your account.
  • Managing data privacy: You could be exploring settings to control how Google collects and uses your data, potentially adjusting privacy settings for various services.

Therefore, scrolling to “Your data & privacy options” suggests you’re taking steps to manage your Google account data and privacy settings.

Select More Options: Delete Your Google Account

You’ve chosen “More options” and are confirming your decision to permanently delete your Google Account. This is the final step before your account and all associated data are erased. Make sure you’ve downloaded any important information beforehand and double-checked that you no longer need this account. Proceed with caution as this action is irreversible.

Follow the Instructions on How to Delete Google Account:

Ready to completely erase your Google account? Here’s a quick guide:

  • Head to your Google account page on the web and find the “Data and privacy” section.
  • Scroll down to “More options” and click “Delete your Google Account”.
  • Carefully read the information about what gets deleted and confirm your decision.
  • Double-check that the Gmail address associated with this account isn’t crucial for other accounts.
  • Finally, click “Delete account” and you’re done. Remember, you have a short window to change your mind if needed.

Final Thoughts:

How to remove account in Google is not a difficult action but you must take some precautions while performing this action. Proper strategies help Google account delete my account easily.

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