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Download Energy Wars : Green Revolution 3.50 APK (MOD, Unlimited Money) For Android

Download Energy Wars Green Revolution APK MOD Unlimited Money For Android

Latest Version of Energy Wars : Green Revolution APK (MOD, Unlimited Money) StrategyBrain Games Mobile Game Detail.

Game Energy Wars : Green Revolution
Version 3.50
Mobile Requirements Android
Category StrategyBrain Games
Installed 100,000+
Size MB
Developer (Google)
Google PlayStore ID com.gz.EnergyWars

Energy Wars : Green Revolution Game Screenshot

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Android Mobile Energy Wars : Green Revolution Game with Latest version of APK and MOD file, Energy Wars : Green Revolution is new Mobile Game. Download links are available below the post of Energy Wars : Green Revolution game, all download links of Energy Wars : Green Revolution are working properly and download fast from google playstore. is following the google Rules.

Short description of Energy Wars : Green Revolution APK Game – Simulate 2 centuries of history, from the industrial revolution to the energy transition revolution, in this challenging, indie strategy game !

– Manage the world’s mines of limitated energetical resources (coal, oil, gas, uranium)
– Teach countries how to build dams, windmills, and other renewable energy devices.
– Deal with the crisis and wars generated by the decreasing stocks of resources.
– Switch to green energies before earth is destroyed by pollution and hurricanes.
– Avoid hurricanes to make a rampage amongt your fragile green cities
– Plant trees to calm down pollution a moment
– Protect the key countries and try to exploit their resources wisely
– Deal with the grey empires that spread themselves like a plague in your 165 countries !

Some subjects of this game seem to be quite polemic in some countries. Here are some disclaimers about them

1. This game main purpose is being a game and a time waster.

2. If you don’t believe in global warming and don’t like hearing a bit about it, then don’t play it and go for wikipedia’s article “Global warming controversy” instead.

3. Scientists may have not proved (yet?) that the rise of temperature really affect the rise of hurricanes power. I know it but still, I believe it’s a fine idea of gameplay and a good metaphor of the dangers of the rise of temperature. This an old-school videogame, not an essay 🙂

4. The position of mines, climate conditions, proportions of rivers, economic rankings etc. tend to reflect reality but are not the “real reality” for sure!! If you think there’s a problem with a country, please tell me so ! I’ll cross check your facts and I’ll change its stats in the game, if possible.

5. About frontiers & borders now …. The map has been made in 2014 from a 2000’s source. You may find borders are not accurate from your country’s political point of view. I’m sorry if it hurts you but this game isn’t about borders at all but about ecology and I can’t resolve all the conflicts there were about borders in the last century in one game.

6. The borders are not the 1850’s ones and it may seems a little odd because it is said it’s starting in 1850. It’s like this because the world was, at the time, very different from now, with lots of differents names, small kingdoms, Empires and colonies and much more problem with borders than now … It would have been difficult to add a way to deal with that across time in a game that try to focus on the story of the energy transition. It would have been a mess. Also, the game needs you to recognize quickly the countries’ names of the world so these are some reasons why it has been chosen to keep the beginning of the XXI century’s world’s (midly accurate) borders.

7. Nuclear power. The game may please and displease both anti-s and pro-s nuclear : when there is a growth, Nuclear is perfectly safe (with no words about radwaste and hurricane-proof, that’s quite a gift!) but when there’s a crisis, when countries have no more money, then nuclear plants may explode, just like Tchernobyl, meaning with an economic impact. Again, this is a sci-fi game and the developer is not a lobbyist.


I hope you’ll have a nice time playing that not-so serious game and saving planet earth from auto-destruction, numerous times!

Music credits :
JAN125 /
and Nosoapradio_us /
New button to remote-activate your mines from the map, without entering countries (unlocked for all levels after you reached level 4)
New video-background design
New indicators that tells you on the map if an hurricane is destroying cities

Whats New

  • ALL previous Bug of Energy Wars : Green Revolution Mobile Game Fixed
  • Energy Wars : Green Revolution Game New Version Updated now
  • Energy Wars : Green Revolution New Levels added
  • Energy Wars : Green Revolution Game’s Unlimited Money, coins
  • All Energy Wars : Green Revolution Download links working Fast
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