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無盡城戰-Infinity Kingdom 2.4.0 APK (Mod Unlimited Money) Download – for android

Latest Version of Download 無盡城戰-Infinity Kingdom APK (MOD, Unlimited Money) Download – for android Strategy Mobile Game Detail.

Game 無盡城戰-Infinity Kingdom
Mobile Requirements Android
Category Strategy
Installed 50,000+
Size MB
Developer (Google)
Google PlayStore ID com.gamamobi.iktw

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Android Mobile 無盡城戰-Infinity Kingdom Game with Latest version of APK and MOD file, 無盡城戰-Infinity Kingdom is new Mobile Game. Download links are available below the post of 無盡城戰-Infinity Kingdom game, all download links of 無盡城戰-Infinity Kingdom are working properly and download fast from google playstore. is following the google Rules.

Short description of 無盡城戰-Infinity Kingdom APK Game – 《無盡城戰》是一款歐美卡通風格的SLG遊戲。在這裡,矮人肆虐、怪物叢生,能量的源泉——世界之心已岌岌可危;在這裡,世界歷史傳說中不朽的英靈戰魂得以被召喚,他們披肩帶甲,加持巨龍之力再次馳騁戰場;在這裡,數萬城池與聯盟相互覬覦,連綿不絕的戰火破壞睦鄰友邦的安寧……而您是諾海姆大陸的領主大人,您將成為這些故事的書寫者、偉大傳奇的締造者!
來自全球各地區的神話英雄等你召集, 他們曾經是歷史上最響噹噹的人物,現在他們將為你所用,各地神話英雄將聯手戰鬥,在這真實的沙盤世界上為你攻佔全球!每個英靈更有別出心裁的特色台詞和專業的CV配音,讓你感覺隨時隨地“他”就在身邊



【兄弟聯盟,滅城沒關係 盟友助你重生】


※《無盡城戰》依中華民國遊戲軟體分級管理辦法分類為 : 輔12級。
※ 本遊戲部分內容涉及遊戲角色穿著凸顯性特徵之服飾或裝扮但不涉及性暗示
※ 本遊戲部分內容涉及打鬥、攻擊等未達血腥之畫面或有輕微恐怖之畫面。
※ 本遊戲部分內容涉及一般不雅但無不良隱喻之言語。
※ 本遊戲為免費使用,遊戲內另提供購買虛擬遊戲幣、物品等付費服務。
※ 請注意遊戲時間,避免沉迷。
“Endless City War” is a European and American cartoon style SLG game. Here, dwarves are rampant, monsters are infested, and the source of energy—the heart of the world is at stake; here, the immortal war spirits of heroic spirits in world history and legends can be summoned, they shawl on their shoulders and armor, and bless the power of the dragon to gallop the battlefield again; Here, tens of thousands of cities and alliances covet each other, and the endless wars destroy the peace of neighbors and friends… And you are the lord of Nuoheim Continent, you will become the writer of these stories and the creator of great legends!
[Game Features]
[Characteristic hero, vivid and infinite combat power]
Mythical heroes from all regions of the world are waiting for you to gather. They used to be the most famous characters in history. Now they will be used by you. Mythological heroes from all over the world will join forces to fight and conquer the world for you in this real sandbox world! Each hero has ingenious special lines and professional CV dubbing, making you feel “he” is by your side anytime, anywhere

[Various ways to play, not only SLG but also RPG]
The game not only has the familiar SLG gameplay of fortifying, occupying land, and sending troops to attack the enemy, but also can experience the great mystery of integrating Roguelike, and enjoy the pleasure of RPG-style breakthrough through the extremely challenging copy of The Well of Time At the same time, it can also get you more rewards for the development of heroic spirits, and add high combat power to your heroic spirits. There are various ways to play, so that you will never be boring when you are online!

[The boundless map, you can explore at any time when you see the clouds]
The large infinite map, the changes of the seasons and the day and night changes let you into it. Resources, territories, ruins, and player castles give you an unobstructed view. On the vast map, there are more field mechanical troops and dwarf legions waiting for you to fight. Explore the world’s relics with various characteristics, and each relic has a variety of unknown stories. What secrets are hidden in the mysterious Nuoheim continent? Looking forward to unveiling with you!

[Brothers League, it’s okay to destroy the city, allies help you rebirth]
The Heart of the World is in danger, join the strongest alliance immediately, develop quickly, and defeat foreign enemies with your allies! Participate in various gameplays such as world alliance wars, alliance wars, and national resource grabbing wars, guard the heart of the world, and create the glory of the first alliance in Nuoheim! Even if you are defeated by a powerful opponent, you don’t need to be discouraged. The system and allies will send you valuable resources to supply you, allowing you to make a comeback easily.

[Global service, communication with foreigners is by phone]
Fight against elite players from all over the world and defeat all opponents that hinder your development! Lead your kingdom to the top of this continent of Nauheim! Although there are conflicts internally, we will not tolerate externally! The glory of the country is threatened, even if it is far away, it will be punishable! Join “Endless City War” now and embark on this top glory road!

※”Endless City War” is classified according to the rules of the Republic of China’s game software classification management: Supplementary level 12.
※ Part of the content of this game involves the costumes or costumes of the characters in the game that highlight sexual characteristics, but does not involve sexual hints
※ Part of the content of this game involves scenes that are not bloody or slightly scary, such as fights and attacks.
※ Part of the content of this game involves words that are generally indecent but without bad metaphors.
※ This game is free to use, and there are also paid services such as purchasing virtual game coins and items in the game.
※ Please pay attention to the game time and avoid obsessing.

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